7 Tips To Start A Hotel Business In Dubai7 Tips To Start A Hotel Business In Dubai

7 Tips To Start A Hotel Business In Dubai

Firstly thanks to the tourism industry in the Arab region, Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations. It is one of the top places that many businessmen, traders, and others visit in order to conduct business. If you are thinking of starting a hotel business in Dubai, here are some helpful tips to guide you.

Anyone has the ability to embark on the hotel business and start their own hotel business in Dubai. Keep in mind that this can be done independently by anyone, and in fact, many people have been able to take their hobby and decide that they would like to make it into a business. It is not always easy, but it is possible for someone to begin on a small scale, as well as for an established company looking to grow. A hotel enterprise always involves careful planning, along with some understanding of how the industry works from franchises to independent hotels.

Here are 7 tips to get you to start a hotel business in Dubai

  1. Find the right location.
  2. Choose the right type of hotel for your business model.
  3. Get all of your permits and licenses in order before opening day.
  4. Choose the right staff members for your business—and make sure they’re trained properly!
  5. Be prepared for a lot of hard work—and make sure you have enough time set aside each day for running your new venture!
  6. Make sure you have everything set up properly on social media because it’s an important part of how people find out about new places to stay when traveling abroad every year!
  7. Make sure that everything is ready before opening day so that no one has any reason to complain about their stay at your hotel from day one.

How to find the right location to start a hotel business:

Dubai is a city that never sleeps, and one of the reasons for this is because of its hotels. The city has hundreds of hotels, both international and local. Here are some tips on how to find the right location for your hotel business.

  • Choose a location near a popular tourist spot. There are many places in Dubai that tourists flock to every year. If you choose a location near these spots, then you can attract more customers and increase your revenue.
  • Choose a location near shopping malls and restaurants. Tourists love shopping malls and restaurants because they provide them with what they need during their stay in Dubai (e.g., food and entertainment). If you choose a location near these spots, then you can attract more customers who want to hang out at night after spending time shopping during the day.
  • Choose a location near transport facilities such as airports or seaports. Tourists often travel between countries using planes or ships. If you choose a location near these facilities, then you can attract more people who want to take flights or sail from Dubai on their way back home after visiting other countries in the region or even further away from it.
  • Here are some locations that can suitable for an international hotel in Dubai startups. such as Deira (near the airport), Bur Dubai (near the creek), and Al Barsha (in between Jumeirah Beach Road and Sheikh Zayed Road). These areas are popular with tourists and ex-pats alike because they offer easy access to major attractions such as Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bahar, and Dubai Creek Tower.
  • When it comes to deep zonal specification these are the following place considered to start a hotel business in Dubai.

Freezone: Hotel accommodation is a fast-growing sector in Dubai. The hotels in the Freezone areas of Dubai are more competitive than other hotels located on the mainland and offshore areas. This is because most of these hotels offer lower prices, which attracts more customers. The best area for hotel accommodation is the International Airport Free Zone (IAFZ). This zone has a lot of hotels that offer high-quality services and reasonable prices. The IAFZ is also known as Al Maktoum International Airport Free Zone.

Mainland: Hotel accommodation on the mainland offers great opportunities for investors due to its popularity among tourists. If you are looking for a profitable investment opportunity, then consider investing in a hotel on this side of town. This part of town includes Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, and Deira City Center (DCC). These places are very popular among tourists because they have beautiful beaches that are suitable for swimming and sunbathing during the summer season. The DCC also has many shopping malls and restaurants that tourists can enjoy. In offshore areas, there are various categories available for hotels including luxury, mid-range, and budget hotels but there is a minimum requirement of investment required for these categories only.

Choose the right type of hotel for your business model

When it comes to choosing the right hotel, there are a lot of factors to consider. It’s not just about investing in a place that has the right facilities, but also about determining what kind of clientele you want to attract and how much you’re willing to spend on them.

Business hotels: These are often used by traveling executives and businesspeople who need to stay in town for a few days. They are often located near corporate headquarters and major airports, so they offer easy access to transport links and other amenities like restaurants and bars. Business hotels also tend to be relatively inexpensive, which is why they’re popular among budget-conscious travelers.

Conference-oriented hotels: These are ideal for groups of people who will be meeting at the same time each day. Conference-focused hotels provide everything from networking events to on-site restaurants and conference rooms designed specifically for group meetings and presentations. They might not be as convenient for those staying longer than one night or two days at a time, but they’re great for those traveling with colleagues or clients who need regular access to the same facilities throughout their stay.

Resort hotels: If you’re looking for somewhere that’s going to provide a little more luxury than your average hotel room, then resort hotels are probably what you’re after. They usually have several different types of accommodation available, including villas or condos where guests can relax in private surroundings after exploring local attractions all day long. Resort hotels usually offer plenty of activities for kids too, such as swimming pools or playgrounds — plus there might be onsite spas or gyms where guests can work out.

Budget hotels: these are inexpensive hotels that offer basic amenities. They are often located in low-income areas and cater to business travelers who want a place to stay for a night or two.

Mid-range hotels: these are more expensive than budget hotels but less expensive than luxury hotels. They offer amenities such as free Wi-Fi and room service.

Luxury hotels: these are the most expensive types of hotels and are characterized by their high level of service, luxurious rooms and facilities, and upscale restaurants and bars.

Boutique hotels: these are smaller establishments that offer unique experiences through unique décor, ambiance, and location

All about permits and licenses to start a hotel business in Dubai :

To run a hotel, you need to obtain a license. The process is not complicated, but it takes time and patience. You should start by determining if your hotel business is in an area that requires an operating license. If your property is in an area where hotels are allowed, you will need to obtain both a hotel business permit and a hotel operating license.

You can apply for both permits and licenses at the same time. The Dubai Municipality website has information on how to apply for all types of permits and licenses in Dubai. This information is available in English and Arabic. To apply for a hotel business permit, you will need:

  • A copy of your company’s registration or trade license
  • A letter from your sponsor confirming that he or she accepts responsibility for your company’s operations
  • An application form completed by all directors, partners, or shareholders (except the owner) of the company

the trade license for the hotel business in Dubai can get from the DED department of economic development. first, you need to reserve your trade name and get register with your business activity. here your activity might be in the hotel-related category. and the according to that activity you will get a relevant business license either commercial, industrial, or professional. Apart from the especially for hotel business, you will need to have a liquor license if you are a part of serving alcohol in your hotel. and various permissions from different authorities before starting a hotel business like health department permission, fire safety permission, electrical wiring permission, etc. These permissions are necessary so that no one gets hurt during any activity related to your hotel business.

To get approval from the Dubai government, hotel facilities must meet the following requirements:

  • Hotel rooms should be of a certain size.
  • Hotels should have adequate parking space for their guests’ vehicles.
  • There must be proper security arrangements in place at all times to ensure that guests’ safety is not compromised in any way. A security guard must be present at all times, controlling access to the premises and ensuring that guests are safe and secure 24 hours a day.
  • The hotel should have enough space to accommodate all of its guests comfortably at any given time without feeling cramped or crowded.
  • The hotel must be kept in a clean state, with no dirt or dust visible anywhere in the facility.
  • A restaurant must be available on-site at all times, serving food that meets strict health guidelines set by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Getting a hotel business license and legal requirements in Dubai can be a complicated task. There are different policies, procedures, and laws that must be followed. If you are looking to start your own hotel business in Dubai or just want to expand your existing one, you have come to the right place. We have all the information needed for you to start your own hotel business in Dubai.

At Business Setup Dubai, we will help you with all the information about getting a hotel business license and legal requirements in Dubai. We will provide you with all the details so that you can start your own hotel business in Dubai as soon as possible. Our experts will guide you through every step of the process until you get your license approved by authorities.


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