How to Start an Event Management Business in Dubai

How to Start an Event Management Business in Dubai, UAE ?

Dubai is a most wounder and beautiful place, that everyone wants to come here and enjoy. The event management business in Dubai is good for people who want to has huge booming in anywhere. nowadays people are looking for innovative and creative creations in their functions. No matter how much it cost, the only thing is to look and feels good. Many are interested to plan destination events in Dubai.
An event management business in Dubai includes research, planning, and consultation. The events can be anything like wedding events, business conferences, sports camp events, college events, and many more. According to the planning and budget may change. Some are simple with snacks, some are with lunch or dinner. and also the decoration, programs and other related things also may change.

The process to start an event management business in Dubai:

  1. Make a business plan and choose a location.
  2. Apply for the license.
  3. Look for office space.
  4. Setup the business.
  5. Get multiple visas.
  6. Open a corporate bank account.

An event management license involves:

To get an event management license, you need to submit your documents to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, also in DED(Department Of Economic Development). If you plan to choose a Dubai Free zone location then you must follow the Freezone district rules. After all, verification will give you your event business license. while in process, the government should not allow you to do the following things:

  1. Trading activities such as Import and exporting the products
  2. Venue management
  3. Training activities
  4. exhibition of civil and construction works which may build stages etc.

The allowed actives are:

  1. Organizing events, award ceremonies, product launches, and business-related activities.
  2. Event tickets selling
  3. Pre-booked halls or hotels for event attendees.
    Ideas for before starting an event management business in Dubai:
  4. Think of services that you would like to provide or sell
    for example wedding planning, meetings, any shows, etc.
  5. Do some research on the market, and how the existing business doing. and who is looking to hire event management services,
  6. Then try to set your target goals. and according to that prepare a business plan.
  7. Plan for the budget to get approvals and for other business setup in the Dubai process.

Why people look for Event management business in Dubai:

  1. The proper organization with creative ideas, a smooth-running event
  2. Flexibility, resourcefulness, and convenient
  3. Save time and money
Benefits of starting an event management business in Dubai:

The event business setup in Dubai has will have a lot of prospered there is no doubt about has a lot of benefits.

  1. The cost of setting up business in Dubai is low, it is either mainland or a free zone.
  2. Easy to hire.
  3. Especially for this business, with the company license, one can sponsor an investor visa resident to the loved ones and family members.
Required Documents for event management business setup in Dubai are:
  1. Application form.
  2. Passport copy of owner and partner if have.
  3. passport size photos.
  4. Initial approval copy.
  5. Certificate of tradename registration.

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