5 steps for mainland company formation in dubai

5 Steps For Mainland Company Formation In Dubai, UAE

Dubai has been notably recognized as one of the most attractive places for purchasing and promoting useful resources for the use of investors and entrepreneurs at some point in the world. In just a few decades, the United Arab Emirates has solidified its position as a number one change hub imparting get proper access to one of the fastest-growing markets internationally. if you want to set up a mainland company formation in Dubai, then you are locally free to the UAE market. that’s why mainland company formation is also known for local company formation. you can do business across the regions like Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, and Umm al Quwain.

5 Steps For Mainland Company Formation In Dubai

There are 5 steps for mainland company formation in Dubai.

  1. Selecting a business activity helps you to decide the type of license you look for.
  2. Select a legal form for your business.
  3. Register a trading name.
  4. Apply for a visa.
  5. Get approval.

1. Select a business activity:

There are many business activities are in the Department Of Economic Department.DED.which are into different categories like industrial, tourism, commercial, and professional license. you get a related license based on your business plan.
Apart from DEd, you may also need approval from other government authorities like the Ministry Of Economy, Local Health Departments, the Ministry Of Justice, and the Ministry Of Interior.

2. Select a legal form for your business:

This describes your business. some business structures used in mainland company formation in Dubai have sole priority ships, LLC(Limited liability company), a branch of foreign companies, civil companies. below are the most mainland business setup or company formation types.

  • LLC company formation commercial license in Dubai: This license is issued for all kinds of commercial trading, the licenses are categorized into commercial licenses, industrial licenses, and tourism licenses.
  • Professional license in the mainland: This license is issued to all professionals and service providers. for example lawyers, doctors, education sectors, etc.
  • Branch office thus license is issued to the foreign companies to set up a branch or child company of representative office in Dubai.
  • Sole establishment.
  • Joint venture company.
  • Partnership company.

3. Register a trading name or tradename registration:

Before registering a trading name, you must choose a tradename followed by DED guidelines. those are:

  • Should not use god names.
  • The name should not be an abbreviation or any short form.it should be a full name or your partner or personal name.
  • The cost of tradename registration depends on the selection of tradename.

4. Apply for a visa:

The last step for your mainland business setup in Dubai is applying for a visa. visa for both personal and employees and their dependents. this visa process involves the following steps.

  1. Entry permit
  2. Status change
  3. Medical fitness test
  4. Emirates Id registration
  5. Visa stamping

5. Get approval:

you need to submit the required document and get approval from DED, the department of economic development. and the ministry of health, police, civil, and defense departments.

Benefits of mainland company formation in Dubai, UAE:

  • You can open your workplace everywhere in UAE.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits and no currency restrictions.
  • Easy availability of employment visas
  • Flexibility to lease workplace everywhere withinside the mainland.
  • Easy and simple process and simple to open a bank account.
  • Low cost
  • Absolute control and limited liability
  • Huge investment opportunities

What are the main UAE mainland business setups

  1. Dubai Mainland business setup.
  2. Sharjah mainland business setup.
  3. Abu Dhabi mainland business setup.
    The DED is the authorized and specific area for all types of trade licenses.
Documents required for mainland business setup:
  1. Passport copies of both partner and sponsor if have any.
  2. Application form with partner signature for approval.
  3. Trademark application.
  4. Notarised agreements if required.
The estimated cost for mainland company formation in Dubai UAE :
  1. For DED approval, it is about 300 AED.
  2. For Trade name approval and registration, it is around 800 AED.
  3. The rental amount will depend on the space you choose.
  4. For notarized documents like MOA memorandum of association, it’s around 1700 AED, and 500 AED for other attestations and commercial draftings.
  5. For a completed trade license and business set up on the mainland, you need to have min 25000/- AED at initial.

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