how to start a consulting business in dubai

how to start a consulting business in dubai,UAE ?

UAE is the best land for all business investors and entrepreneurs. people from across the globe can come to this city and explore life in all its achievements. There are many consulting businesses are in the market, consulting can be anything like Legal/Law firm consultancy, medical consulting, hiring/recruitment consultancy and business management consultancy, and many more. hence you should choose the related kind of firm which you want to set up in Dubai. Here are a few steps to start a consulting business in Dubai, UAE.

How to start a consulting business in Dubai, UAE?

  • Choose the location you want to set up either mainland or free zone or offshore.
  • Apply for a trade license for consulting business.
  • Select the company name for trade registration.
  • Get a license from DED.
  • Submit attested or notarised MOA memorandum of association. and
  • Ejari or tenancy contract agreement.
  • visa process.
    The cost of setting up a consulting business in Dubai depends on the area free zone and the mainland., but we can estimate the average cost is about AED 20000.

How to start a Health care Business in Dubai UAE?

The process for health care business setup is quick and easy. The emirates have formed a free zone Dubai Health care city -DHCC for considering health care. If you are a professional and dreaming to start a health care business in Dubai, UAE then this is the right place. All you need to know is the health care type. There are many healthcare businesses in Dubai. they are like medical training, clinical setup for out and inpatients, medical coding & billings, healthcare management & investment, health care consultancy, and outsourcing the staff and support.

what are the documents required to start a health care business in Dubai?

  1. Application Form
  2. Tradename registration and preapproval obtained from DED(development of economic department).
  3. Approval from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and the Ministry of Health (MOH).
  4. Board resolution agreement for the establishment of Freezone LLC in health care.
  5. Memorandum of association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA).
  6. Copies of passport and visa.
  7. passport size photographs.
  8. License and commercial agreement issued by DHCC.


  • DHCC is the most preferable location for health care business setup, because:
  • It offers 100% ownership.
  • Provides the best suitable infrastructure for the healthcare setup.
  • Free income tax, corporate taxes, and duty-free.
  • Low operational cost.
  • Scope of capital growth.
  • It offers both wellness and medical community health care setup options.

How to start a legal consultancy business in Dubai, UAE:

In UAE, Dubai has a demand for law firms, why because everyone wants to start a business in Dubai including local residents and also foreign investors. The Dubai government follows strict rules for every business setup. Hence they must need a legal advisor to proceed legally to avoid fines from the Dubai government. Many legal firms offer business setup services in Dubai.
In Dubai, mainly Legal consultants or lawyers are mostly focused on construction, banking &finance, commercial contracts, and commercial properties rather than family legal issues.

To open a legal consultancy in Dubai, you need to know the following things.

  1. Choose the location either Dubai mainland or Dubai Free zone. comparably Freezone has high benefits than the mainland. if want to choose the mainland you must give 51% of your share. wherein the free zone you will have 100% ownership. the cost to start a legal consultancy business in Dubai also depends on the location you choose. However, the estimated cost is about 20000AED to 35000 AED.
  2. Choose the company name, which does not include abbreviations and short forms. and reserve that tradename.
  3. Submit all your documents like initial approvals, passport, visa, and photocopies, and also obtain a legal firm license from the DED.
  4. MOA and local service agent contracts may require at the time DED approvals.

How to Start a Recruitment Agency in Dubai

what does Recruitment or Hiring consultancy do?

The Recruitment consultancy is also called a recruitment agency, which actually plays a crucial role and acts as a barrier between the companies and the job seekers. The companies hire candidates with the help of recruitment by signing a contract with the agency for a commission base and both will have a mutual share.

what are the legal formalities and documents required to start a recruitment business in Dubai?
  1. Register the company, ie Trade name registration either LLC, Partnership, or sole priority.
  2. Choose a location either Dubai free zone or the mainland.
  3. Obtain recruitment business license from DED.
  4. submit documents like passport, visa, tradename, MOA, and AOA.

Yes, it can be a bit staggering. But don’t worry. Business setup Dubai will guide you through each step of the business setup process contact us for more details and get a free consultation.