Commercial Contracts

Legal Drafting is handled, managed, and operated by the lawyers who have certain knowledge about the legal matters which ought to be written or relative to legal documents. It is basically a legally bound creator text.

Memorandom Of Association

A Memorandum Of Association Is A Legal Document Needed By The Authority When You Do Company Formation. The Memorandum Association(MOA) Must Include Company Name And Address, Liability Clause, Objective, And Capital Clause Means Distribution Of Shares. This Drafting Agreement Depicts The Connection Between An LLC Organization And Its Investors .It Is Compulsory To Draft And Authorize A  Memorandum Of Association When Your Business Setup In Dubai Registration Of Any Limited Liability Company.

Memorandum of Association
local service agent agreement

Local Service Agent Agreement

This Agreement Is More Like A Service Agreement That Details Arrangements Between The Company And UAE Nationals Who Are Appointed As Service Agents .This Agreement Is Mainly Required When No Local Partner Is Present. And This Is For The Individual Establishment Or Sole Proprietorship, Branch Of A Foreign Company, And Branch Of Free Zone Company. This Agreement Is Signed In The Presence Of The Notary Public At The Dubai Courts. The Local Service Agent Can Be Terminated Or Changed By The Company At Any Time. This Local Service Agent Agreement Must Be Submitted In All The Procedures Of Business Setup In Dubai.

Side Or Beneficiary Agreement

A Side Agreement Is An Agreement That Is Not Part Of The Underlying Or Primary Contract Or Agreement, And Which Some Or All Parties To The Contract Use To Reach An Agreement On Issues The Primary Contract Does Not Cover Or For Which They Require Clarification, Or To Amend The Primary Contract. Under The Law Of Contracts, An Aside Or Beneficiary Agreement Has The Same Force As The Underlying Or Primary Contract. However, The Validity Of The Beneficiary Agreement Has Been Denied By Some Courts In Specific Circumstances. These Side Agreements Are Often Used In Financial Or Property Transactions Or Other Commercial Contracts. They Are Usually In The Form Of A Letter Signed By Parties Signatory To The Primary Contract But Can Also Be An Oral Agreement.

side or benificiary agreements
share sell agreements

Share Sell Agreement

A Share Sell Agreement Is A Document That Transfers Company Shares Or Stocks From One Party To Another. It Contains The Shares For Sale, Price, Date Of The Transaction, And Other Terms And Conditions. A Share Sell Agreement Can Also Be Called A Stock Purchase Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement, Share Transfer Agreement, Stock Transfer Agreement. A Share Purchase Agreement Allows An Individual Or Sole Established Company Or Corporation To Sell Or Buy Shares In A Company

Distribution Agreements

We Know That A Well-Mentioned Written Agreement Is Very Important For Any Kind Of Agreement Between Two Parties. Ie Distributor And Manufacturers Or Suppliers. This Distribution Agreement Helps Both The Parties Legally Supported To Avoid Any Conflicts In The Future.If You Have A Plan To Open A Small Business Set Up In The UAE Market, Then It Is A Necessary Agreement One Should Have.

distribution agreement
investment agreement

Investment Agreement

As We Know The United Arab Emirates Has Signed A Large Number Of Bilateral And Multilateral Investment Agreements Acquisition Of Effective Beneficiaries Tends To Do For A Fixed Annual Royalty From The UAE Shareholder To The Foreign Shareholders. The United Arab Emirates Also Concluded A Framework Agreement On Trade Investment With Other Countries To Create A Framework For Dialogue On Economic Reforms And Trade Liberalization.

Power of Attorney

Power Of Attorney

A Power Of Attorney Is An Authorized Legal Document Between An Individual Or Organization To Represent Someone In Matters Of Property And Ownership. A Power Of Attorney Is Attested By A Third Party, The Notary Public In Dubai, Who Will Verify And Give Permission For Your Document.

Board Resolutions

A Board Resolution Agreement Is Nothing But A Legal Record And Gives A Formal Way For Boards To Document In Writing A Decision That The Board Of Directors Made. Board Resolutions Are Termed As Board Decisions That Are Legally Binding. The Board Should Keep Resolutions And Certificate Attestations With Their Office Records And Meetings. Board Resolution Is A Good Sign Of Governance. The Board Resolution Agreement Can Be Very Helpful In Writing A Board Resolution.

board resolutions image

Will And Testament

A Last Will And Testament Is A Legal Document That Employs How To Manage Your Final Affairs Upon Your Death. Wills & Testaments Are Extremely Important To Preserve Your Assets And Ensure Their Transfer To Your Beloved Ones. If You Do Not Have A Will, The UAE Law Of Inheritance Will Be Applied To Your Properties After Your Demise.

There Are Many Will And Testaments Drafting Services That Are Provided By Business Setup Dubai In The Country. The Government And Many Law Firms Support People To Acknowledge And Look For Any Kind Of Will Drafting Services If They Want Will Agreement To Prepare.

non disclosure agreement

Confidential And Non-Disclosure Agreement

A Non-Disclosure Agreement Usually Called An NDA Or A Confidentiality Agreement Is One Of The Ways To Protect Valuable Confidential Information And Intellectual Property Of Your Business.

The UAE’s Contract Law, Labor Law, Provides For The Protection Of Confidential Information Through Contractual Relations. As A Result, A Best Practice For You When You Are Looking For A Business Setup In Dubai Confidential Information Is To Enter Into Contracts With Employees Or Third Parties To Obligate The Party Receiving Information To Keep It Secret.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Consulting / Al Ansari Agreement

Dubai, The Commercial Investments Of The United Arab Emirates.It Provides Wide Business Opportunities For Enterprises From Around The World. In This Region, Foreign Exposure And Investors Are The Main Reason, Factors Supporting The Entrepreneurs For Setting Up A Business In Dubai. 

consulting agreement
PartnershipOrJoint Venture Agreements

Partnership Or Joint Venture Agreements

Dubai, The Commercial Investments Of The United Arab Emirates.It Provides Wide Business Opportunities For Enterprises From Around The World. In This Region, Foreign Exposure And Investors Are The Main Reason, Factors Supporting The Entrepreneurs For Setting Up A Business In Dubai. 

A Partnership Or Joint Venture Agreement Is A Legal Document Written Between A UAE Company And A Foreign Entity For The Sake Of Entering Each Other’s Markets.