Business has always been the merger of strategy and planning. Selection of the operational venue and understanding of the market are the key parameters to decide the same. In recent times, UAE has become the face of the international business hubs and has attracted many investors in the country. The business friendly ambiance and electrifying market of the country have helped the entrepreneurs to find enough interest here. However, the rules, policies, laws and judiciaries can sometime prove to be difficult to handle for both local and foreign investors. The Business Setup Dubai comes in the help for the same at that time to make things easy and comfortable for the business setup. We are one of the most trusted and reputed business setup service providers in the country and region that can provide the investors high quality services for affordable price.

Business setup is not only about the budget and the company idea, but the setting up process has many formalities and responsibilities. In all of the UAE cities, there are facilities for the business setup; we help you to get through all responsibilities and formalities of the business setup so that you can start off your operations as soon as possible. However, we always work inside the framework of law and judiciary and the rules and regulations of UAE and different Emirates.

Business setup services in UAE


The most important part of the business is the trade license. We have often seen new companies struggling for the trade license. The trade licenses are required to setup the business in the UAE across the emirates. We, Business Setup Dubai ensure that the licenses are obtained easily. Apart from the trade license, there are many other licenses required for the business setup and operations. However, the licenses and documentation are always required as per the business requirements. We also take care of all the necessary documents required for the licenses and make sure that all those are renewed on time.


There are plenty of business opportunities and office spaces available in various cities in UAE. Places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Ajman have huge opportunities and there are many office spaces available. There are two kinds of office spaces available in UAE, Mainland and Free zone locations. The Mainland businesses are meant for the trading inside the country. However, one must have a local partner of 51% share for the business operations. We help you to complete all the legal and business formalities for the same with the local partners. However, there are many UAE Free zones available that are meant for the foreign investors. These free zones are specially designed and meant for the business operations. These are the zones that have multiple facilities. These allow 100% foreign investments and the tax free business environment. The companies need not pay any corporate or personal tax for operating here. However, apart from it, there are plenty of resource pool available in these are and ease of the energy facilities as well. We ensure that the clients get adequate and high facility office spaces in different parts of the UAE to ensure high standard business operation. We also provide the virtual office spaces to the client to help them to get started with the operations as fast as possible.


We understand that the starting up the operations in UAE is as important as it is setting up business. In order to achieve the same, our experts and analysts help you to understand the local market and give you the perfect platform to get started with the business. We are one of the leading business setup consultants in UAE and help you to provide the case studies and market information about all the places of UAE.

Business set up dubai services
Business Setup in Dubai
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Business Setup in Abu Dhabi
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Business Setup in Ajman
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Business Setup in Sharjah
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We are one of the most reputed and trustworthy business operations in the region and our continuous effort to improve and innovate has made us one of the best. Our professional approach and the highly personalized services have always attracted the clients for the business setup with us. Our transparent policies make us the go to choice for the business setup in UAE. We also make sure that the clients get one of the best services for the business setup and many other services at an optimal, competitive and affordable rate. We have the experienced, qualified and expert members who are capable of pulling out stunning results in short time. We understand the value of the relationship and trust with the client and our previous track record reflects the same for us. We have been left with highly encouraging and motivating feedback and that thrive us more for better customer satisfaction.

If you are willing to invest and setup business in Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Khaimah, Fujairah and any other parts of the UAE, then contact us today. Our executives will help you to understand our services and facilities even better.