Pro/Visa Services

Dubai is one of the best places to float a company in the world. The attractive facilities and the huge market scope make it one of the best. However, for many companies the paperwork and the Visa Process may become tedious. The PRO service that even needs documentation after periodical time is also very important. However, the local laws and language can often make things tougher for the new entrants in Dubai. We, Business Setup Dubai, can make things easy for you.

We take care of the PRO and VISA services in Dubai. We will have dedicated professional for you who will be in constant touch with you. All the documents that need to be processed or submitted, we will do it for you. We also help you to remember the renewal dates for documentation and Visa processes. So, basically, you don’t need to do anything related to the PRO and Visa services and you can concentrate on your core business. We can take care of everything else for you.


Any company willing to invest in one of the global financial hubs should be aware of the policies. The PRO and VISA services are very important parameters of the company operation. It does not matter whether you are setting up a business in Dubai or opening up an offshore brunch, the VISA processes are crucial so is the PRO services. Every employee must have the required documents if they are from different countries. The companies sometime bring important resources from the different geographical regions of the world. However, it has to be understood that the work permit, VISA, PRO are the associated parts of this. People often remain ignorant and focus more on business. However, that can land them in trouble. Every country has separate and different rules and no matter what one must respect and obey those. This is why every foreign invest companies must be very particular about the services. It is therefore important to clear the documents for the local authorities on periodical basis. We understand that you have the business to look after thus we take care of every PRO and VISA responsibilities. Here are the services that we offer.


  • Many documents need to be attested by the concerned authorities and we take care of the same on timely basis.
  • The attestation and the permission from the various government ministries and departments are often required for the business. We take care of the same for the various government ministries like Commerce and Trade, Justice and others.
  • The Governmental and Semi Governmental work can be tedious if you are new to the system. We assist for every such work to ensure hassle free completion.
  • Employment VISA processing and Renewal are done at the earliest with no hassle at all.
  • Immigration Cards are very much required for the forign labors and employers, we ensure that all the immigration cards are issued on time.
  • The spouse and family visas are often required for the companies in Dubai and we ensure that the issues are addressed at the earliest. We also take care of the renewal process of the same visas.
  • Our efficient and effective team helps you to register the trade license in Dubai. However, the trade license needs to be renewed in every single year and we take care of that as well.
  • The extension of VISA and the visiting VISAS arrangement are done with no real hassle.
  • We take care of the local authority documents like for the Dubai Municipality and for the Chamber of Commerce as well.


We have one of the best teams of professional who are vastly experienced, dynamic and also knowledgeable about the process and services. We provide Pick and Drop facilities for the documentation where we will visit you to pick anything we want for the process and deliver whatever we need to give it you. There are many advantages of outsourcing PRO and VISA services with Business Setup Dubai. Here are some of the key advantages.

  • You can focus on your business and profit as we work for you in the background for the crucial documentation, PRO and VISA services.
  • We have experienced and efficient team who take care of all the activities and the transaction with utter responsibilities. You always get reliable services throughout.
  • We are working for you round the clock and keep on sending reminders so that no delay is entertained in the process. It also helps you to avoid any official hassle or the late fees.
  • It can be very cost effective as well as we work effectively with affordable cost rates. You need not to hire any other to take care of these responsibilities.

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