Reconsideration of Ban visa

When your application for a temporary visa is denied (in this case people look for Reconsideration of Ban visa services), you must be given an explanation as to why the immigration officer made his or her decision.

It’s not personal; your immigration officer must deny your application if they aren’t convinced that you’ve followed all of the conditions of the relevant immigration instructions for temporary entry and that an exception isn’t justified.

You have the right to ask for your visa application to be reconsidered if it has been denied. If and only if:

The minister did not make the decision to deny; the application for reconsideration must be submitted within 14 days of receiving notice of the decision to deny the further visa; and… you must be lawfully present in UAE when you submit the application for reconsideration.

Reconsideration of ban visa process follows in the below the steps:

  1. You must submit an application for reconsideration in accordance with Immigration UAE law’s guidelines.
  2. Include a fee, your passport or other forms of recognized identity, and a written request in English.
  3. Another immigration officer will be assigned to your case.
  4. The immigration officer may or may not ask for more information in order to clarify your situation.
  5. The decision on your application’s reconsideration will be final and binding.
  6. Once a decision has been made, you may not be able to file a new application for reconsideration.

While the decision is being decided, keep your visa valid.
Unless you hold a valid visa, applying for reconsideration will not grant you the right to live in UAE.
In most cases, immigration officers will not consider a reconsideration of ban visa request submitted from outside of the UAE. They may make an exception if new and persuasive material is given swiftly.