What is copy right registration

copy right registration

The copyright registration is to put on record an evident record of the date and content of the work being referred to so that in case of a legitimate case, or instance of encroachment or literary theft, the copyright proprietor can deliver a duplicate of the work from an authorized government source.

  • Musical works,
  • Literary works like books and manuscripts,
  • Cinematography films,
  • Fashion designs,
  • Artistic works like paintings,
  • Performances,
  • Software and other computer programs and compilations

Copy Right Registration process

1.File an Application

The creator of the work, copyright petitioner, proprietor of an elite appropriate for the work, or an approved specialist record an application either truly in the copyrights office or through speed/enrolled post or through e-documenting office accessible on the authority site, and so on.
For enrollment of each work, a different application should be documented with the recorder alongside the specifics of the work. Alongside this, the imperative expense should likewise be given, Different sorts of work have various charges.


When the dairy number is given, there is a base 30 days holding up period. In this time-frame, the copyright inspector audits the application. This holding up period exists so protests can emerge and be investigated. Here the interaction gets isolated into two fragments:

case1:no objections are raised

Assuming that there is no shortcoming and every one of the fundamental reports and data is given along the application, it is an instance of zero inconsistencies. For this situation, the candidate is permitted to go ahead with the subsequent stage

case2:objections are raised

In the event that the protest isn’t explained or error isn’t settled, the application is dismissed and a dismissal letter is shipped off the candidate. For such candidate, the copyright enrollment method closes here.


The last step in this process can be named as enrollment or registration. In this progression, the enlistment center could want more reports. Once completely satisfied with the copyright claim made by the candidate/applicant, the Registrar of Copyrights would enter the details of the copyright into the register of copyrights and issue a testament of enlistment.

The process registration of copyright completes when the applicant is issued the Extracts of the Register of Copyrights (ROC).

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