What is a side agreement?

side or beneficiary agreement

A side agreement is an agreement that is not part of the underlying or primary contract or agreement, and which some or all parties to the contract use to reach an agreement on issues the primary contract does not cover or for which they require clarification, or to amend the primary contract. Under the law of contracts, an aside or beneficiary agreement has the same force as the underlying or primary contract. However, the validity of the beneficiary agreement has been denied by some courts in specific circumstances. these side agreements are often used in financial or property transactions or other commercial contracts. They are usually in the form of a letter signed by parties signatory to the primary contract but can also be an oral agreement. 

As part of a business organization’s governance strategy, the side or beneficiary agreement should be under similar controls to any other contractual agreement, as they can have significant financial or operational impact, or expose the organization to risks of many types.our leading legal consultant team who really experienced and guide in terms of risk factors when you plan start a company formation in dubai and as well as in the UAE wider regionsAll companies registered in the UAE, including the free zones, are subject to the registration procedures with the Beneficial Owner data, with the exception of Public Shareholding companies and companies owned 100% by federal or local government agencies or companies affiliated with companies owned 100% by the UAE as well.beneficiary owner is the one who actually controls the company whether in the country of origin or registered in the UAE.

This agreement may also be used in relation to private fund contracts, for example, a particular investor may wish to vary the terms of a limited partnership agreement with respect to that particular investor. An investor might be seeking more favorable terms under the contract or might need the side letter to enter the venture under terms to meet regulatory requirements.

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