how to start grocery business in dubai

How to open a grocery store in Dubai

Have a plan to open a grocery store in Dubai? it’s a good thought, no need to worry about already existing store competitors. we all know that food and daily needs are essential to our existence and to survive our lives. that is why supermarkets /grocery stores are always in high demand.

To establish any small business in Dubai, UAE, one should get a license from the Dubai government to run the business. here to open a grocery store you must need a grocery license. and the following are the key points that help you to get an idea before you start a grocery store in Dubai.

Rules for how to open a grocery store in Dubai:

  • Owner must have approval before taking any location change decision.
  • Try to satisfy the customer, providing billing /invoices for goods purchased.
  • Owner should have been permitted to keep any coin-based machinery to keep in/outside of the store.
  • The law states, the store will be prohibited when there are sales goods with fake trademarks.
  • The commercial name should be on the front of the grocery store as a signboard.
  • Apart from all, one should take care of the things like:
    • selling product’s quality
    • price tags
    • date of manufacturing,and expiry dates
    • display the product prices clearly, and
    • the store running times should not cause a public disturbance.
  • Grocery shall not sell the banned or harmful products in the store.

Requirements to get a grocery license in Dubai:

  • Make a business plan or strategy. one must do some research before you start a business setup in dubai to know about the products which you want to sell and the location you choose.
  • Grocery shop owner must get a commercial license from DED -Department of economic development of Dubai. the documents like passport, tenancy /Ejari contract, shareholder application, sponsor NOC form, and business plan should be needed.
  • He /She has to get clearance and approval from the municipality. also get approval from the Public health and Safety Department in Dubai Municipality.
  • Local sponsor for a grocery store in Dubai-owner can do this by appointing local partner agrees to give 51% shares in the company if the owner is local or Dubai nation can open a grocery store with 100% ownership.
  • Visa processing will occur at the same time as applying for a business license.

if you are interested to open a grocery store in Dubai or any UAE region, then we can help you with all requirements. we take care of your business setup legal paper works, approval, and security clearances from relevant departments. contact us for a free consultation with our business setup consultants in Dubai. we are glad to help you.