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Virtual Company License in Dubai-How to Get One?

A virtual company license in Dubai is a type of business license that allows you to run a business without having an office or physical presence. Virtual companies in the UAE have existed for over a decade. During this time, some companies have been successful in the market and others failed. Dubai is the best place for virtual companies and people are well aware of this. In Dubai, you not only get to save on tax but also pay less for managing your company.

What is Virtual Company License :

A Virtual Company License allows a company to operate in a different country with a different legal structure, but still be considered the same company. It’s useful for companies that want to expand their reach, or for companies that want to operate in multiple countries while staying under the radar of local governments. Virtual company licenses are perfect if you want to get your business off the ground without having to invest in an office space or infrastructure. To start, we’ll help you set up your virtual office, which will include everything from a phone line to email accounts so that everything is ready when you are. Then we’ll connect you with the rest of our network and give you access to our team of experts so that they can help guide you through any questions or challenges that come up along the way.

Requirements for virtual company license in Dubai, UAE?

  • Any Non-UAE residents can apply for this virtual company license.
  • The Applicant should be a tax resident or nationality of approved countries. The list of these countries like the United States, Japan, India, etc… can find these list in virtual commercial city’s official website.
  • In addition to these matters, virtual company owners in Dubai should also be aware that their companies will continue to be subject to corporate, individual income, and social taxes in the country where they are based. This License does not guarantee physical access to open a business bank account in UAE.
  • The Applicant may need to register his/her virtual company with the Federal Tax Authority when the company revenue exceeds the UAE government limit.

Simple steps to get a Virtual License in Dubai:

  • Choose the business legal type like LLC limited liability corporation, Sole establishment, or partnership.
  • Choose the Business activities /scope of the business industry sector like Agriculture, E-commerce, Wholesale Trade, Import-export, Retail Services, Trading, Consulting, and Transport.
  • Company registration: You can register your company through the business setup consultants like us as well as through an online form on Dubai Virtual Commercial city’s website.
  • Document submission: If the applicant wants to apply on his own, then he should need to upload the required documents online. other wise business setup consultant team will take care of all the approval works and trademark registration. you may require documents like a passport copy, address proof (utility bills, Identity card, etc.), proof of Tax residency copy, and passport size photocopies.
  • Verification or Authentication: once the documents are submitted, the Dubai government authority starts the background verification process. if the documents are clear, then the process moves further. if not you will get the status through mail and message. you can also track the status online. usually, this process takes one month.
  • Identification and payment: After receiving the status message, you will confirm your identity by visiting the Global visa facilitation service center. after successful validation, you need to pay the virtual company license fee online .it may cost around 600 AED to 1500 AED.

Virtual Office Space in Dubai:

When setting up a new business, an investor can save time, money, and effort by using a virtual office. A virtual office is provided by a third-party service provider, so the owner of the business does not have to pay for office space or lease it himself. All calls to the business will be answered by an employee at the service provider’s location and emails sent to the business will be forwarded to the owner’s email address.

If you are interested to apply for a virtual company license in Dubai, we can help. We are the best business and legal consulting firm for all your company registration needs. Our team has years of experience in helping clients start their own businesses, and we can guide you through the entire process. Feel free to contact us at or +971 558005160