UAE Golden Visa eligibility rules (1)

UAE Golden Visa eligibility rules

The UAE golden visa program is one of the most attractive residence schemes for all business and family purposes. It provides a lucrative option to obtain residence permits in Dubai and other emirates in the UAE with a minimum investment. To get this visa, you must be sponsored by a company or individual in the UAE, and you must meet certain requirements. The requirements are different for each type of visa: investor, entrepreneur, or specialist. In addition to meeting these requirements, you will need to have an approved residency permit application before you can apply for your UAE Golden Visa.

Who is Eligible for this UAE golden visa

Golden Visa can get only if:

  • you are a high net worth individual with a minimum of AED 2 million to invest, or a business owner or company executive with at least AED 2 million in equity.
  • you are a seasoned professional working in a management position for an investor who is eligible for the Golden Visa.
  • You need to have real estate valued at least AED 2 million, free and clear of any liens or mortgages.
  • you own a successful business in the UAE and have assets worth at least 500,000 dirhams.
  • someone with a Ph.D. in one of the UAE’s priority disciplines and is working in the field.
  • someone who is a high-achieving student from a UAE-based school could be eligible for this golden visa, similarly, an outstanding bachelor’s degree graduate from a UAE-based university can get it.
  • you are a medical doctor who is licensed to practice medicine in UAE regions like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, etc.
  • some who is specialist in engineering and science and works in one of the priority disciplines.
  • you work for the Emirates Scientists Council and endorsed or got the Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal award, in that case, the golden visa can get from the UAE government.
  • someone with a creative flair who has contributed in some way to the arts and culture of the UAE or elsewhere.
  • UAE inventor whose patent has made a positive impact on the local economy.
  • Someone who is a seasoned executive director with experience in the government and private sector in UAE.
  • someone who has expertise in one of the rare educational specialties that are prioritized in the UAE

Finally, the golden visa is designed for investors, entrepreneurs, highly talented people, patent-right-owned people, professionals, actors, outstanding students, and humanitarian front-line heroes.

UAE golden visa eligibility and benefits
UAE golden visa eligibility and benefits

Benefits of Golden visa in Dubai UAE:

The UAE Golden Visa is a great opportunity for investors who want to make their mark in this country. It offers a number of benefits, from tax breaks to visa-free travel.

The UAE Golden Visa offers investors a number of benefits, including:

Long term residency in UAE

Tax breaks: Investors can benefit from tax breaks of up to 85% through the scheme. and will have mainland business 100 % ownership.

Visa-free travel: The visa allows investors to travel freely between the UAE and other countries. It also allows them to apply for permanent residency after 5 years of residency in the country if they choose this option.

Free medical care: The visa includes free medical care at any public hospital or clinic in the UAE while they are visiting on holiday or as a resident.

No Local Sponsor is required if you want to start a business setup in Dubai UAE.

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