Ejari Tenancy contracts

All the Details On the Ejari Tenancy Contract

What is an EJARI Tenancy Contract?

Ejari Contracts Are A Type Of Contract That Is Used In The UAE. They Are A Legal Agreement Between The Landlord And Tenant, And They Can Be Used To Sign Off On The Transfer Of Property From One Party To Another. It Is Meant To Protect Both Parties Involved In An Agreement.Ejari contracts are required by law for all residential rentals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. However, they are not mandatory in Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain.

It’s important to use ejari contracts because they are legally binding, which means that if anything is wrong with your lease agreement you can take your landlord to court if you need to. Also, ejari contracts are cheaper than paper versions because they don’t require expensive lawyers or agents to help create them.

How to Register for Ejari Tenancy Contract:

Registering for an ejari tenancy contract is a simple process that can be done online. The registration process can take anywhere from two days to one week, depending on the complexity of your case.

The requirements for registration are:

A copy of the property title deed or a certificate of ownership. The title deed must be stamped/signed by a lawyer and must include a reference number. If you don’t have an original title deed, you’ll need to get one from the previous owner or their lawyer and get it stamped/signed by them too. You’ll also need two witnesses who can prove that they saw the previous owner sign and stamp the title deed (or the lawyer), that they know who they are and that they saw them do it.

A letter from your landlord confirming that they’re giving you permission to rent out their property (this is usually just a few words saying something like “I hereby give my tenant permission to rent out my property under ejari tenancy contract”). You should get this translated into English by someone who knows. which needs to sign and submit it to the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

Ejari Registration Online:

You can register for Ejari online with the help of the Ejari portal. However, only landlords, project companies or real estate agents can use this service. another method is through a mobile app. To register your Ejari online, download the Dubai REST app and select the RERA option. Click “Register Ejari” then fill in the details and upload the necessary documents. Pay the registration fee at an authorized payment point, then wait for your Ejari to be issued.

cancel the Ejari :

Cancellation of Ejari is a must and can be done once the tenant plans on leaving the property. All RERA registered properties must have only one Ejari contract. If the old Ejari contract is not canceled, the tenant cannot register with a new Ejari contract.
the following documents are required for canceling the Ejari contract:

  • applicant emirates id and passport detailed copy
  • landlord passport an emirates id detailed copy
  • Dewa bill and Noc (No Objection Certificate )letter
  • trade license for a company

You can cancel a property lease by filling out the required forms. The form asks for your name, email, and phone number, as well as details about the tenant. You’ll need to upload copies of your Emirates ID, statement of undertakings signed by both parties and passport scans for yourself and your tenant. If renting out to a company or organization, you’ll need to visit an Ejari office in person. Once you’ve submitted all of this information, you can attach any additional documents that may be required. Once the form has been filled, with your request to cancel Ejari submitted, you’ll receive an email with your Ejari Termination ID. This ID can be used as a reference number at any Ejari office for further follow-ups.

Ejari renewal:
In most cases, a Dubai tenancy contract is renewed annually. To renew yours, visit the Ejari office or avail its online services. If you are the tenant, landlord or agent involved in the renewal process, ensure you have the original certificate on hand.

Documents required for ejari renewal are as follows:

  1. Passport copy
  2. ID card copy
  3. NOC from the landlord/landlady if a wife or husband wants to renew the contract in his/her name
  4. NOC from the owner of the house if you want to renew the contract in your name

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, Ejari registration can be hard. That’s why we’re here to help.
We’ve been providing professional support for Ejari registration for years, and we’re more than happy to help you get started. Whether you need assistance with the initial registration process or want us to help you renew your Ejari license, we’re here for you!Just hit us up now: or direct message at +971 558005160, mail to info@businessetup-dubai.com