how to start a cafeteria business in dubai

How to start a cafeteria business in Dubai, UAE?

The cafeteria is the best and most profitable business in the food has huge demand everywhere in the world especially in Dubai, UAE. Most people want to spend their time in cafeterias to get stress free and to get out of work pressure. if you want to start a cafeteria business in Dubai, you need to obtain a food and trade license. The Food and Safety department in Dubai takes care of all food-related licenses. and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing takes care of trade and other licenses in Dubai.

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what are the requirements to get a cafeteria license in Dubai?

If you want to get a cafeteria license then you will need to submit your application to the Department of Economic Development(DED).and also need to get approval from the Dubai municipality. Below are the following documents required before applying for the cafeteria license.

  1. The business plan sheet along with the location and cafeteria inside facilitates blueprints like space, kitchen, food storage, processing restroom facility, wastages bins, etc.
  2. The required license application form to submit
  3. Get approval ie NOC form from Dubai municipality to establish your new cafeteria.
  4. A tenancy or ejari contract is needed.
  5. Trade name and its approval letter.
  6. passport copies of management and shareholders.
  7. Memorandum of association-MOA.
  8. Local sponsor documents needed.
  9. Two or more passport size photocopies.

Food Requirements:

Apart from the food license, you will also need to have a permit for pork, and it’s all by-products. And should have a permit for all vehicles to transport the food products.

  • The estimated cost for establishing a cafeteria business in Dubai is around 20000 AED.which excludes the cafeteria space is also varied and depends on the following factors.
  • Amount required for
  • Tradename registration.
  • Tasheel fee for name reservation.
  • Tasheel fee for pre-approval.
  • Fee for notarized documents like memorandum of association MOA, NOC letter, Ejari contract.
  • At the time of issuing a trade license, you may pay around 7000 AED
  • and other things like company stamps, immigration cards, labor file charges, and updates if required.

best place to start a cafeteria business in Dubai:

Dubai has mainly three areas in which you can form a business setup. Those are Freezone, Mainland, and Offshore. the cost may vary depending on the location you select. Every area in Dubai has its own benefits. suppose you want to start a business in Dubai free zone, then you will have the benefit of 100% ownership with zero tax. For the mainland company formation benefits. and also read how to start a food business in Dubai to get more ideas.