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how to get trade license in dubai

How To Get A Trade License In Dubai?

A trade license is required for anyone who wants to engage in any kind of commercial activity. This license is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED), which is part of the Government of Dubai. There are many companies and individuals that provide Dubai trading licenses. The process to obtain a trade license in Dubai is relatively straightforward because all licenses fall under the same visa type, the commercial establishment visa which is a single-entry or multiple-entry and valid for one or three years, respectively. There are several types of trading licenses available in Dubai:


How to Start a Jewelry Business in Dubai

How to Start a Jewelry Business in Dubai ,UAE?

Dubai is popular for the gold trading business. Most of the countries in the world import gold from Dubai only. And the foreign investors show more interest to start a jewelry business in Dubai to grow faster in a short decade with high revenue profits. In this blog, you will understand the process to start a gold jewelry business in Dubai and UAE region.


cost of starting a business in abu dhabi

Cost of starting a business in Abu Dhabi

The cost of starting a business in Abu Dhabi has been reduced by 90 percent compared to the existing setup cost. so this would be great good news for the new business entrepreneurs and the foreign investors who want to set up their business in UAE Abu Dhabi. The existing trade licenses renewal fee cost is also reduced by the same percentage that is published on Time out Abu Dhabi.and other news channels.


how to start a cafeteria business in dubai

How to start a cafeteria business in Dubai, UAE?

The cafeteria is the best and most profitable business in the food has huge demand everywhere in the world especially in Dubai, UAE. Most people want to spend their time in cafeterias to get stress free and to get out of work pressure. if you want to start a cafeteria business in Dubai, you need to obtain a food and trade license. The Food and Safety department in Dubai takes care of all food-related licenses. and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing takes care of trade and other licenses in Dubai.


How to Start an Event Management Business in Dubai

How to Start an Event Management Business in Dubai, UAE ?

Dubai is a most wounder and beautiful place, that everyone wants to come here and enjoy here. The event management business in Dubai is good for people who want to has huge booming in anywhere. nowadays people are looking for innovative and creative creations in their functions. No matter how much it cost, the only thing is to look and feels good. Many are interested to plan destination events in Dubai.
An event management business in Dubai includes research, planning, and consultation. The events can be anything like wedding events, business conferences, sports camp events, college events, and many more. According to the planning and budget may change. Some are simple with snacks, some are with lunch or dinner. and also the decoration, programs and other related things also may change.