how to start a farm in UAE

How to start an organic farm in Dubai UAE

In Dubai, the Emirates Organic Products Certification is the name of a governmental organization that certifies organic products. It’s important to register with this organization if you want to start an organic farm in Dubai UAE (by doing business selling organic produce ). To do this, you’ll need to follow these steps:

First, submit an application for certification. Once your application is approved, you can begin inspection and auditing procedures as your company follows all of the standards required for certification of quality. The team at Dubai Food will work with you throughout these stages to ensure that you’re meeting all of their requirements and that everything is running smoothly. You’ll then receive a certificate from Dubai Food indicating that your company has been certified as an organic producer.

the process for investors:

Investors who want to start an organic farm need to comply with local legislation and regulations for exporting food products (organic or not) from Dubai. The legislation applies both to fresh produce as well as processed foods (such as spices, oils, etc.).

From a legal perspective, investors must comply with the rules and regulations of the country in order to export their product(s). The same applies from a financial perspective: investors need to know if they are able to sell their products on international markets under competitive conditions. From a logistical perspective, it is important that investors understand whether their product is competitive enough in the international market. Finally, understanding key cultural issues regarding your target market will be crucial for your success: what do consumers overseas want and expect? What shapes these expectations?

The importation of food products into the United Arab Emirates is subject to the requirements of the Federal Law for the Prevention of Hazardous Materials in Food.

Required Licenses

To set up an organic farm business in Dubai, it is important to know that one must first obtain all licenses and approvals before starting operations. Some licenses are needed for organic farming, but before we get into that, let’s look at some examples of other types of licenses an investor may need:

  • Trade license
  • Land use approval (to operate a food farm)
  • Approval from Dubai Municipality
  • Approval from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • You need licenses and approvals when opening a farm in Dubai
  • Since you are running a business, it is mandatory to have the required licenses and permits to operate.

Apply for a license to operate an agricultural business. You will be required to submit all necessary documents to DED such as your educational background, certificate of incorporation if you are applying as a company, and other requirements that they may ask from you if needed. Apply for an organic farm license. This ensures that your organic produce follows the standards set by the government when producing organic goods. Local authorities recently announced new incentives for citizens interested in opening organic farms; this includes exemption from fees when registering a company with activities in the farming sector.

License for the farming industry in Dubai

If you decide to start an agricultural business, operating under a license for companies in the farming industry in Dubai is mandatory. A special type of permit, called an organic farm license is required and it includes the approval of relevant governmental authorities.

In order to acquire the approval, one of these two conditions must be fulfilled – either produce all or part of its food products at the company’s commercial premises or buy them from local suppliers.

You will also need to comply with local legislation and regulations for exporting food products (organic or not) from Dubai. This means you will have to obtain the necessary authorizations for food export issues by applying with various government entities including:

  • The Ministry of Economy (MOE).
  • The Food Control Department at Dubai Municipality.
  • The Port Health Department at Dubai Municipality.
  • Dubai Customs.
  • Dubai Accreditation Centre (DAC).

There are a series of permits and authorizations that must be secured when opening a farm, but also when establishing a company specializing in consulting services or that will offer consultancy services in this field.

This is where you will find the following information:

The authorizations required to open a farm

The authorizations required to open a consulting company specialized in this field

How to obtain an organic farm license

How to register a company and obtain an environmental permit when applying for an aquaculture license

Our team can assist investors who want to open a farm here and help them obtain the necessary authorizations for food export issues. We will also provide legal aid for obtaining approvals from government agencies and ministries. Feel free to contact us at any time. we are glad to help you.