how to start a tourism business in dubai,UAE

How to start a tourism business in dubai, uae?

Starting a tourism business in Dubai can seem daunting. However, it’s worth noting that the UAE has long been a popular destination for both business and leisure travelers.

Steps to start a Tourism business in Dubai

Dubai is a city that has been known for its hospitality since time immemorial. The city’s residents and businesses have always been welcoming to tourists, and Dubai is the perfect place to start your own tourism business.

If you are thinking of starting your own tourism travel agency business setup in Dubai, then here are some steps that you can follow:

  1. Choose a location – You will need to decide where you want your business to be located. The best place would be somewhere near the coast where tourists can enjoy themselves by swimming or sunbathing on the may be either Dubai Mainland, Dubai free zone, or Offshore regions.
  2. Register your company – You will need to register your company i.e name of the business with the Ministry of Dubai tourism and commerce marketing department in Dubai(DTCM). They will help make sure that all legal requirements are met before allowing you to operate a tourism business in Dubai.
  3. Apply For the tourism license.
  4. Apply for the initial Approval – Once you have reserved a name, then you can apply for initial approval. This application form must be filled out by both partners (shareholders). It should also include an original passport-size photograph of both partners and their visa validations. All documents must be notarized by a Notary Public at the Dubai Courts North Building or any other authorized notary public in Dubai. Once applicants have submitted all required documents, they will get an official receipt which will confirm that their application is being processed and that no further action from their side is required at this stage.
  5. Draft an MOA and notarize it in the Dubai notary public, and submit it for final approval.
  6. After getting your license, apply for an office/building DEWA connection.

When you’re setting up a business in the tourism industry, it’s important to remember that the tourism license you need depends on the tourism activity your business involves.

Inbound tourism is when people come to your country or region for a vacation or a short-term visit. The most common example of this is when people from other countries travel to visit your country for the holidays.

Outbound tourism is when residents of your country or region leave their homes for vacation or a short-term visit. The most common example of this is when local residents travel abroad for the holidays.

Tourism license Business activities:

A tourism license is a type of business license that allows you to run your travel agency, tourism consultancy, rent out residential premises, lodge tourists and offer other services related to tourism. With this license, you can do the following activities:

Travel agency: If you have this business, you will be able to organize trips for a group or individual clients. You can also sell plane tickets and offer travel insurance.

Tourism Consultancy: A tourism consultancy is a company that offers consultation services on tourism matters. This can include advice on where to go and what to see, how to organize a trip etc.

Accommodation: You can offer accommodation services via your website or offline mediums such as hotels or guesthouses, or residential premises.

Sale of Tourist Packages: You can sell all kinds of tour packages including accommodation, tour guides, event organization, transpiration, car rental services, Travel insurance, etc.

Visa Services: Provide visit visas for travelers.

Benefits of tourism License

The Dubai government offers benefits to businesses that operate in the area, including Zero taxes on profits and revenues for several years, depending on the type of company; the ability to repatriate money from overseas with no taxes; and a 100% ownership deal in which you can buy into an existing business or start one from scratch. Dubai’s tourism license allows businesses to sell visas and plane tickets. It also allows them to set up tourist accommodations, which can then be used for global conferences and exhibitions

To start a tourism business, you will need to submit the following documents:

-Application form for Tourism Business License

-Passport copy of the applicant

-Declaration copy stating that the applicant has no criminal record.

-Business plan with name and office space measurements.

-Bank reference letter

-Business registration certificate

Hope you got some idea all about tourism business setup in Dubai by reading this post. If you are planning to start a travel agency and looking for a license, then don’t worry. We have the best team who can guide you the right way. Contact us for hassle-free support