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Freezone Company

Dubai has always been the best places to invest and start a company. However, people have often hesitated with loads of paperwork and trails of documents required. However, the benefits and the prospects of a business setup in dubai freezone are immense. Here we are to give you the best experience for the free zone company. We are one stop solution for you for the freezone company setup in dubai.

Why Freezone Company

A Free Zone Company enjoys many benefits and here are some of them:

  • Complete Ownership
  • Local Bank Account
  • Tax Exemption
  • Less Renewal charges
  • Partnership with International brand
  • Merger and Acquisition

Dubai Government wants to set up the ideal physical, financial and infrastructural conditions to attract the global investors in the city. The Freezone is a direct initiative in order to ensure that the foreign investors and the company owners can have favorable conditions in driving the business in the city. There are many Dubai freezone company setup that have been outlined and we help you to identify the best for you. Here are the benefits and features of the Freezone company in detail.

Company Ownership

The company ownership makes a lot difference when a Foreign investor comes to Dubai for investment. In many countries and places, there are schemes where the investor cannot hold the 100% foreign ownership. However, under the Freezone company initiative you can have a 100% foreign ownership. However, that is not it, the setting up business process is relaitively easier and we help you to comply the rules and laws of the country while doing it. The licenses required for the ownership and operations of the company in Dubai can also be got from the authorities and we can help you obtaining the same pretty easily as well.

Tax Exemption

Tax is probably the most discussed issue for any investor while planning to set up a business in Dubai or any other location. The Freezone company service makes it easy and comfortable for the investors. As per the rules and regulations, a freezone company is not entitled to pay the corporate tax and personal tax for the first 50 years and that is a huge boost for any investor and company. We help you to carry out all the required documentation for the tax exemption in order to achieve best profit goals.

Company Operation

The operation of the company often becomes a point to ponder for the investors. However, the Freezone service makes that easy for them. One can set up and open a branch of an existing company under the Freezone service. The minimum number of shareholders required for floating a company or a branch is one for the freezone policy. However, the number of shareholders can increase and the maximum numbers depend upon the various freezone areas in Dubai. One company can even have two licenses registered under the same name.

These are considered the best parts of the business for the free zone company. However, we make sure that our client gets all the features of time. Starting from the paper works to the bank account and visa process, we undertake all the features. These are the process and documentation required for the Freezone policy.

  • Company Registration
  • Trademark Registration and License Registration
  • Business Setup (infrastructure and operation)
  • Visa Application and Renewals
  • Paper Works
  • Advertising and Marketing

We have a dedicated team for each of the sector and business and ensure that the partner gets enough exposure and the correct platform for the free zone business.

Why Us?

We are one of the most dynamic and most innovative business set up companies in Dubai. Our excellent track record and performance in the past have made us one of the most favorable choices in the industry. Here are the reasons why we are preferred over others.

  • We are customer friendly and act according to the need of the requirement.
  • We believe in door to door service, so for all the documentation and licenses, we approach the client and get the process done before time and made it available on the time. This ensures that the company works on the official and business work, while we take the responsibility of the official formalities.
  • We provide transparent policies and we have reasonable and affordable cost.
  • We are always available for the customers for all kind of help.

Why business setup in dubai freezone?

We are one of the best to setup and facilitate your free zone business in Dubai. Our expert, experienced and highly valued teams are known for the quick and reliable services. We have competitive and easy payment methods as well. Moreover, we consider the free zone business setup of our partners as our responsibility rather than a job to do. We have a beautiful track record to showcase us as one of the most trustworthy and reliable services to set up business in Dubai.

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