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Dubai LLC Mainland

Dubai is known as the business heart of the world. There are ranges of reasons for the same as well. The distinct advantages of Dubai make it very interesting for everyone especially for the international investors who want to float their business. The Expo 2020 in round the corner in Dubai and companies from around the world are trying to get into one of the best economic zones of the world.

Even though the promising business and business prospects are glittery, but paper works and following the norms of Dubai are not always easy. The local rule, law, and the jurisdiction must be respected and the local market should be explored. As per the Federal Law, 100% foreign ownership is allowed in Dubai provided UAE National Service Agent is present with the companies. Here we are Business Setup Dubai to help you to cross all the hurdles and give the best exposure for the Mainland company setup in Dubai.

Why Mainland LLC?

There are many reasons to opt for the business setup in Dubai LLC Mainland. However, few of them are real glittery.

Foreign Ownership

One can have 100% of the foreign ownership of the company with a professional license. Any company that invests into different country fears of the ownership issues. However, Dubai offers incredible offer under Mainland LLC scheme and allows the foreign owner to have 100% ownership. This helps a person to get direct ownership of the company and takes own managerial decision. This is one of the most attractive features of Mainland LLC advantages.

Tax Free Environment

The most difficult part of any business in the foreign land is the amount of tax to be paid. However, under the Dubai Mainland LLC, you can get huge benefits. The business here would be 100% Tax Free as per the directives of the Government of Dubai. Dubai wants to become of one of the global leaders for facilitation of the business and thus ensure that all the businesses get best profits and benefits under Mainland LLC initiative.

Business Environment

Every business prospers with the right ambience and environment and Dubai is no different. The Government of Dubai ensures that the companies investing under the Mainland LLC initiatives and any other initiatives get the proper business environment. Starting from easy formalities, hassle less requirements and quick response on the governmental work to tax free environment are few of the key parameters that attract the businesses to come to Dubai.


There is hardly any doubt about the infrastructure of Dubai in the world. There are excellent skyscrapers and world class infrastructure facilities. Any company that likes to invest seeks for world class infrastructure for setting up office and other units. Dubai is one of the best places in the world in terms of the infrastructure and global facilities. It is well connected to the world and also known for the international importance for the growing economy and world attention.


Banking has always played a major role for the business set up and operations. If you are coming or the Dubai Mainland LLC, one thing is certain that you will not face any issue for the banking. The international banking facilities in all part of the Dubai have ensured that the companies from various countries can easily do transactions. The multinational companies also get highly benefitted for the same.

The Mainland LLC or Mainland Limited Liability Company of Dubai may have different structures in the form of a branch or the company itself. Commercial licensing, professional licensing and industrial licensing are issued for the companies to mark immense prospect as LLC Company.

Why Business setup in Dubai LLC Mainland?

Business Setup Dubai is one of the most reputed names in the industry in Dubai. We are not experienced and expert of the business management and setup but also trusted and true business facilitators. We have successfully setup many LLCs and understand the market better than many others. There are many small things about the local market and country that the foreign nationals are unaware about and we help them identify those in order to make things bigger and better. Here are some of the key points for which we are preferred than others.

  • We are easy to work with.
  • We have huge amount of experience, knowledge and expertise in the field.
  • We have dedicated experienced, qualified and certified members who help you to get things easier for you.
  • Our job is to facilitate the entire set up of your company under the Dubai Mainland LLC initiative and we provide end to end solution for the same.
  • We are known for the excellent service, superior feedback and the affordable costs for the process.
  • We are known for the ethics and transparency in our work and operation.

We welcome all the companies looking for growing and profitable investment opportunities in Dubai.

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