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UAE is considered heaven for the business and the industries and we the Business Setup Dubai is a leading name in facilitating it for many business setup company in Dubai. Dubai is the other name of the business paradise and different companies every day tries to shift the business to Dubai or set it up. Starting from the formation of the company to the Visa Process, we the Business Setup Dubai ensure that everything is completed on time.


There are many aspects that a company needs to follow. It can be from the legal aspect and from the estimation aspects. Starting from infrastructure to the various rule books of the country where the company is formed, a new company has to think many things. We help them to understand and realize to take the right decision at the appropriate time. We have a dedicated team enriched with the experience of company formation and facilitation in Dubai and UAE. Dubai is one of the most attractive and beneficial international destinations for floating a business. However, everyone does not the perfect platform to carry out the operations like branching, establishment, operations and many others. We are the industry experts and deal with client to client on individual basis. Every business has different requirements for setting up a company in Dubai and we act according to the need of yours.


We, Business Setup Dubai help you to get the correct Trade License to work in Dubai. There are three kinds of licenses available in Dubai. These are industrial, commercial and professional. We help you to get the correct company permission. If you are looking for any offshore company establishment, then we help you to do that as well. Entrepreneurs who are looking to set up business in Dubai often miss out the free zone services. We, the Business Setup Dubai ensures that you can use the facility of the free zones after understanding your requirement. There are many free zones in Dubai such as Jebel Ali Free Zone, Hamriya Free zone, Ras Al Kharima Free zone, JLT free zone and many others. These free zones are meant for the high facilitation for the business setup and growth. However, we do other logistic support for the companies too starting from the Bank Guarantee, Virtual Offices and even Business Centers and different ranges and sizes of offices in Dubai. We, ensure that the new company gets all the faculties and become ready for the operation as soon as possible. We understand that you want to ensure the quickest setting up process with minimum of expenditure. During the course of setting up and starting operation, you need the assistance for understanding local market, tax information, formalities, authorities and laws to run the business hassle free and in profit. We stand right beside you to guide through all the phase of your business in Dubai.


In a competitive market of Dubai, everyone wants to set up the business. We help them to achieve their goals but why would one select us to do this part? We are preferred in the industry for many reasons but here are the strongest reasons why we are preferred.

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We are available every time the client wants. We have dedicated a team to handle your request at all the time.

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Flexibility of options

When a company invests and starts up, it tries to find many options. We are flexible enough to provide such options and wise enough to understand the needs. There can be budget constraints and many more things on the way. However, we do not let the challenges run the show and ensure that everything is addressed at the end of the day.

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In this world, it is one of the most important things. We have helped many companies from the different parts of the world to set up business in Dubai. Their positive feedback and the recommendations have made us one of the most trusted names in the industry. We have esteemed partners in our list whom we have helped to complete the process of setting up and operation successfully.

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Unlike others, we believe in working with transparency and honesty. This is one of the very significant factors for what we are preferred. We deliver what we promise, neither we believe business lies and nor in hidden charges. We are here to help the business setup and this is our prime motive. We are driven by the ethics and thus ensure the interest of the customer is not hurt at any circumstances. We are bound of the honest polices and thrived by the fruitful promises and delivery.

We are prompt, accurate and helpful for the business setup in Dubai. So, if you have dream to float new branch, business or offshore business in Dubai, then we help you to conquer the dreams with our expertise, quality and experience.

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